Our History

Amine Aour Middle East Foods S.A.L. is one of the leading food companies in Lebanon and in the Middle East
In his early twenties, Amine Aour, the founder of the company started trading in a variety of food items.
In 1949, he founded Amine Middle East Foods S.A.L. and started expanding his work in Lebanon and the Middle East.
In 1957, his ambition and hard work lead him to become the sole agent of all food items in Hungary, and this for both Lebanon and the Middle East.

Through the past years, Amine Aour ongoing efforts in food business allowed the company to grow even further.
Today, the CEO of the company is the son of Amine Aour, Joseph Aour who is continuing the path of Amine Aour Middle East foods S.A.L. by adding a variety of different brands and food products to its portfolio.

Our Mission

Our mission “The promise of quality” is to provide the consumers with branded food products and services of superior quality and high value.

Our Values

Integrity, honesty, self improvement and respect towards our employees, customers and partners.

Our Vision

  • Draw the right path to achieve sustainable growth in the future
  • Continue building strong and strategic partnership with national and international suppliers
  • Enlarge our portfolio by including branded national and multinational food or non-food items
  • Help multinational company launch/deliver their products by taking advantage of one of the biggest distribution networks we have built through the past years
  • Continue the nurture of our partners and apply the same with future partners by building mutual trust and loyalty
  • Take part or acquire new factories or plants in Europe
  • We see opportunity everywhere and welcome any promising expansions in Food and non-food items